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I thought this is what I wanted. Everyone told me I did the right thing. So why do I feel like this cause this is not how I pictured this going.

ok i clicked on something THAT WAS NOT THE SIGN OUT BUTTON on netflix and it logged me out and i don’t know my dad’s password and i’m so, so sad.

I guess I could picture that.

"just … go away."

what a lil’ piss off. even seeing her name gets me riled up.

"ask yourself if it’s still worth it."

i always say i will, but never do.

don’t point out my flaws as if i didn’t know them well enough already

don’t say “i miss you” and then not talk to me for the whole day. that’s not my fault, that’s yours. i’m just waiting for you to do something about it. being sweet once in a while won’t make up for all the other times you didn’t listen and didn’t pay attention. i don’t fall for that shit so easily anymore.

i had a dream that i went to pacific hut and justin timberlake was there and he knelt on his knees like when guys propose and sang for me and then he took me to the grand piano and played it for me and then i got a picture with him and he was so beautiful and that was the best dream ever the end

got me olaf and then took me to watch frozen aaaay happy two decades to me

happy new year to my boyfriend who couldn’t even shoot me a text or reply to my new year’s text cause he said he thought i was busy like bitch please i ain’t ever busy for you like fuck your shitty ass excuses

good morning

It just sucks cause it took me this long to realize that I need to stop letting myself be pushed over and I need to stop apologizing for things that aren’t my fault and that I have to put myself first. Because it’s unfair for me to always be the one that backs down. I’m tired of feeling like I always have to be conscious of what I say around you cause I’m scared you’re gonna get mad or upset. It hurts a lot now but it’s gonna hurt a lot more in the long run if I don’t do anything about it.